Community Commitment

We are very involved in our community and will take any opportunity to give back when we can

Recently we have been lucky enough to be involved in:


Canuck Place Children’s Hospice – Under direction of Stephani Samaridis at Canuck Place

We Donate our time and material to Canuck Place Hospice and to the Canucks Gala

Aprons for Gloves – To raise money for gym development for downtown eastside youth.   Currently being filmed for a documentary.  For more information, visit the Aprons for Gloves website or their facebook

Karnak has an ongoing commitment to donate time and material for initial fundraiser as well as the long term goal of building the boxing gym.


North Shore Equestrian Center – Building equipment for Children with Disabilities Program


Sarah McLachlan School of Music – Donate time to fundraising efforts.


Habitat For Humanity – Proud and honoured to be able to be involved.  See More